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A complete covering of the tooth which will secure and protect the tooth from fracture and decay. We use high strength bio-compatible materials.



A permanent replacement for a missing tooth that uses two adjacent teeth for support using high strength bio-compatible materials.



This is used when decay/bacteria has eaten away at the natural tooth structure. We remove the bad decay and fill your remaining tooth with a natural looking bio-compatible resin composite material.



When there are one or more teeth missing a dental implant is usually the most secure option. We place a bio-compatible root form implant into the jaw bone and allow your body to heal and integrate with the implant. We then place the brand new tooth on top of the root. We can also use implants to lock in dentures.

oral sedation

Oral Sedation and Laughing Gas

If you are nervous about getting dental work done, conscious sedation is a great option. We can give you medicines that can make you relax and even sleep through your entire procedure.

gum treatment

Gum Treatments

If you have large plaque buildup or gum disease we use very fine instruments and ultrasonic cleaners to debride and clean all areas of your teeth and gum tissues. We pride ourselves on making sure all of our patients have healthy gums, and can lead to a healthier body.



Grinding or clenching can lead to severe dental and neuromuscular problems. Our first life of treatment is to make you a custom fit guard that can protect your teeth/joints/muscles.



Invisalign gives you the ability to have a straight healthy smile without bulky painful traditional braces. We fabricate you custom clear retainers that you wear in a progressive series. We can use Invisalign to help with treating malocclusion, gum disease, and joint pain.

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