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Blog Post Importance of placing Crowns over Root Canal treated teeth

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Root canals are treatments that are done when you have a very deep cavity leading to pain or development of infection in the surrounding bone of the tooth. A root canal treated tooth does not have nerves or blood flow and the loss of this can lead to the tooth becoming brittle. A brittle tooth needs to be protected by a full coverage restoration also known as a crown.

Lets take the example of two teeth that were side by side that needed root canal treatments due to the cavities being really deep.  You will see in the x-ray below that the two teeth on the right side have white lines in the roots of the teeth that show that the root canals were done.


In the picture below you will see the same two teeth right after the root canals were completed. The two teeth currently have big fillings placed only temporarily. Soon after this picture was taken the tooth on the left (one with the big white filling) received a crown while the tooth on the right did not receive a crown.


As time passed, you will notice in the picture below that the root canaled tooth on the left which got the crown stayed healthy and the root canaled tooth on the right that should have had a crown procedure done did not do well and it broke at the gum line.


Due to loss of most of the tooth structure, the tooth unfortunately had to be removed.

Please remember, root canals are a great treatment to get you out of pain or to remove any infection around a tooth but to ensure that the tooth lasts, it must be protected by placing a crown on it.

Here at Reynoldsburg Dental Associates, we perform root canal procedures that are painless and under laughing gas so you are relaxed and anxiety-free. We also get the tooth ready for a crown at the same appointment so you have fewer number of appointments and they are all taken care of in the same office.

If you ever have any questions or concerns, please call us at 614-694-0363.

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